For people that don't receive BulkSMS messages again from their churches, banks, fellowships, organisations etc... 

Please advise your recipients affected by d MTN DND policy issue to ACTIVATE DND by sending STOP to 2442, then DEACTIVATE DND by sending ALLOW to 2442 so they can start receiving BulkSMS messages again.
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Due to measures taken by the Nigerian Networks operators to curb the fraudulent activities via bulk SMS services, you are advised not to use words like Congrats, Congratulations, Promo, Promotion, Promoted, Win, Won, Vote, Bank names, Yellow, Wow etc. in your SMS nor any words that have the combination of such words within it. If you must use them, we advise you alter the word with full stop (.) within the words e.g. (Vote = Vo.te, Win =, Congrats = Con.grats, Promo =, Wow = W.ow etc.).

If you want to include phone numbers in the body of your text messages, PLEASE separate it with dash (-) in the middle to avoid blockage of delivery by Nigerian Network Operators. E.g. of text is: “Please call me on 08039622048” = “Please call me on 080396-22048”.

In the same vein, do not use phone numbers as sender id as some networks view it as spam and may not deliver it.

So we plead that you TEST each SMS with your MTN lines first to confirm the SMS is “Clean” before sending to all your contacts. Should you not receive the SMS you tested, DO NOT RESEND. Please contact the admin immediately for inspection and immediate response. This is because we don’t know all the words blocked by Nigeria network operators, so to save the loss of units, we advise you adhere strictly to this advice as units lost on ignorance of this will be on the customer's expense.

Thank you as you comply for better services!