How to Send SMS via Google Bulk SMS.

Welcome to another wonderful session of our Tutorial, I am going to show you how to send SMS to millions of People at the same time with just one Cilck.

1. Click on Compose SMS:


2. Fill in the Sender ID (MUST NOT EXCEED 11 CHARACTERS), Phone numbers (Separate multiple phone numbers with commas or type each number on a new line) and Type SMS:


3. Then Click SEND NOW,  Confirm and It Sends immediately to all the numbers:


4: You can schedule SMS to send on a later date also... Click on "Send later"; Choose Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minute and Click SEND SMS. The SMS will send on its own once the time you set has come without you being online


5. To see sent SMS, Click on Message History:



That is all for Sending SMS, For creating Phonebook and uploading numbers to it, See the next Tutorial.