How to Creat Phonebook and upload numbers to it:

Creating and Using phoneboks on Google Bulk SMS easy and the most convenient way of managing your contacts anytime, anywhere with out the need for copying and pasting the numbers anytime you want to send SMS:

1. Click on PhoneBook:


2. Click on "Add Multiple", Enter the phone numbers and type in the Group name, then click on "Add Record":


3. If you want to upload contacts to existing Phone Book, add the numbers, select the group name and Click "Add Record":


4. Once the numbers have uploaded, you will see this report:


5. To send SMS to them, Click on Compose SMS, Fill in the sender ID and Click on "Send To Groups" to see Phonebook Groups:


6. Mark the groups you want to send SMS to, type your SMS and click "SEND SMS" or "Send Later" if you want to schedule for later delivery:



That is all for phonebook group managements. For any enquiry, contact the admin for clarifications. Thank you