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 New Features on our Gateway:

  • Get 5% on Referrals.
  • Transfer Units to other members (Technically, you are a reseller on GoogleBulkSMS).
  • Monitor activities on your account.
  • Buying Units just got easier as you can now purchase Units with MTN Recharge Cards at 10% processing fee.
  • 24/7 Online SMS Purchase available.

 Google Bulk SMS is an online subsidiary of O'TENCY INFO-TECHNOLOGY. We offer unique Bulk SMS services that is incomparable to any network in the world. With our Direct connection with more than 700 networks across more than 150 countries globally, we stand out as best among equals. Try our services today and join thousands to testify of the indispensibilty of Google Bulk SMS services.



Among our Bulk SMS Features include the following:

  • We deliver SMS to more than 700 networks all over the world.
  • Immediate delivery SMS within mili-seconds with easy navigation within our Menu interface.
  • Unlimited Validity of SMS Credits.
  • No hidden, monthly, or setup costs.
  • Competitive pricing & volume discounts.
  • Easy recharge of your SMS credit with immediate crediting.
  • Upload unique messages from file
  • Message history with status reports
    Use your Message History to find out to whom, when and how many messages you have sent and what their current status is. You can also view what messages you have scheduled to send later.
  • Message routing via multiple gateways
    We utilize the best messaging routes for your market, offering high reliability, high capacity and cost effectiveness. This involves providing several cost/functionality routes which are automatically selected for you based on availability.
  • Buy and manage credits online
    You are able to purchase credits online from within your account as well as display the history of credits that you have purchased and used.
  • Scheduling messages for a future date and set recurring options
    This feature allows you to send individual (or separate) message to multiple persons with one click via a text file upload. Prior to sending you will need to create a Text (Tab delimited) File that contains each cellular number and the unique message.
  • Low Credit Notification
    No more running out of credit! Set your Low Credit Level on your user profile and receive email alerts when your credits drop below this level. This feature is particularly useful for clients who use our HTTP, SMPP, and Email 2 SMS interfaces.
  • Inbox folder
    View the replies you receive to an SMS in your inbox. You can also download the inbox to store the messages.
  • Manage Payments & Invoices
    Manage invoices that have been issued to you for purchases that you have made. This feature allows you to view and print invoices for credit card purchases you have made.
  • Customisable sender Id
    You can set who the SMS is from, to either a cell number or up to 11 alphanumeric characters (e.g. BulkSMSLtd). This feature is available on most routes.

Note: We are not endorsed nor affiliated to Google Inc.